I’ve been pondering for some time creating a ‘Systeminfo Viewer’ which can display the current devices on your network. As a starter, such a tool would enable you to see at-a-glance which devices your organisation has and provide information such as power status, specification, etc.

It would need to be:

  • Adaptable. Need to include additional functionality as required.
  • Easily portable. Standalone program capable of running without complex setup and/or installation.
  • Have no ‘client-side’ agent. No additional software required.
  • Compatible. Able to work on all types of Active Directory networks.
  • Low maintenance. Zero or very minimal maintenance once set-up.

Initially, it would perform no function other than listing your devices in a concise, list-view style display (shown below).

The devices will be easily identifiable due to their device-specific icon. They can be double-clicked to display the properties of the device. As expected, the listview can be sorted and organised in the conventional way.

Potential functionality

By its very nature, there’s only a limited amount of functionality you can add to an agent-less application such as this. However, it should be possible to perform some limited remote tasks such as shutdown, RDP, etc. but I’m not trying to recreate a remote device management solution.

Also, there may be a need to persist the device properties in a database of some kind (maybe Access) but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.


I have been working on a prototype startup script which can be deployed via Group Policy. This vbscript harvests information from the device and saves to a network folder. Now, I need to work on the front-end application which will present the devices.

A Light-weight Network SystemInfo Viewer?