“MyMedia Station” is an application which keeps all your shared content close at hand on school and college networks.
I have implemented a few new features including:
  • TWO different styles of tab pages (more coming hopefully).
  • Tab pages can be added and removed as required.
  • Switchable single and double-click functionality!
  • The title bar message (set to “Welcome to our School”, by default) can be set to your own message.
  • Each tab page can have it’s own modified description (i. e. “These are our favourite sites on the Internet”, “All of your work is stored here”, etc.)
  • Tab content can be deleted or protected from renaming\deletion.
  • A selection of themes to match your organization’s colour scheme.
  • There is an easily accessible log off / restart and shutdown function.
‘Explorer’ Style Tabs
The ‘Explorer’ style tab is based on the standard Windows Explorer component. It comprises a hierarchal ‘treeview’ component that can be traversed as normal; users are unable to navigate any further than the top folder that is specified in the SETTINGS.INI file. It is useful for displaying content such as users’ “My Documents” folder, shared network resources, etc. Users cannot rename or delete folder content unless this is permitted in the SETTINGS.INI file.
Fig.1 – Explorer Tab
‘Shortcut’ Style Tabs
The “Shortcut” style tabs show a list of shortcuts for commonly used content on your network (Programs, Internet favourites, clipart, photos, music, etc.)
Fig. 2 – Shortcut Tab
In this example, favourites can be organized into subject specific folders or under your teaching staff names!
Fig. 3 – Organizing your favourites.
Here are the currently supported themes so you can choose a look which matches your organizational colours.
Fig.4 – Available themes.
Log Off / Restart / Shutdown
There is a convenient Log Off / Restart / Shutdown button to the form. It can be hidden if not required.
This will be supplied as an MSI. It is currently a single EXE and requires only the DotNet Framework 4.5  If there is demand, I am also happy to target other earlier frameworks such as DotNet 2.
Unfortunately, a feature of the DotNet framework is that applications that start from a network share will by default, be treated as Internet media and therefore additional permission is required to launch it. It is possible to copy the EXE to a network location and run it from there, but you will see a “Are you sure you trust this program?” – type error when the app is launched. A little extra work is required to fix this which may have repercussions on your network. More testing to follow ..
As before, all settings are derived from a “settings.ini” file whose path is appended to the target of the “MyMedaStation.exe” shortcut. Everything from the window size to the tab details are read from here when the application launches.

Sample (subject to change):

# Settings File for MyMedia Station


# Message. Custom dialog header text (Default=”Welcome to our Network!”)

Message=Welcome to our School

# EnableCloseButton. TRUE=Allows the form to be closed by pressing the dialog ‘X’ button. False=Disables Dialog close.


# ShowLogOffButton. TRUE=Shows a custom “Log-Off” button. FALSE=No “Log-Off” Button is displayed.


# (Outside) Border around Dialog in Pixels (Left, Top, Width, Height)




# TabFont. The Font Name and Size to apply to the Tab Headers.

TabFont=Segoe UI,12

# StatusBarFont. The Font Name and Size to apply to the Status Bar.

StatusBarFont=Segoe UI,11

# Font. The Font Name and Size to apply to the Main Dialog content.

Font=Segoe UI,9

# ShowOverlayIcons. TRUE=Shows the icons with a shortcut arrow overlaid, FALSE=Shows the icons without a shortcut overlay.


# ViewState. Set the Viewstate which effects the Icon Sizes. (Poss. Values: Details, List, SmallIcons, Tile, LargeIcons, Thumbnails, ExtraLargeIcons)


# ThumbnailSize. When ViewState is set to Thumbnails, this is the size of the thumbnails.


# TabAlignment. Set the tab alignment (Top, Bottom, Left, Right) (Default=Top)


# SplitterWidth. Set the width of the vertical splitter bars (Default = 10)


# Available Themes: Purple, Red, Green, DarkPurple, RedAmplified, Brown, Dark Red, Black Clouds, Black Lilac, Rust, Espresso, Blueish Brown, Silver Green, Latte, Retro, Blue,

# Latte Dark Steel, Simply Blue, Washed White, Napa Red, Magenta,

Dark Blue (Default=”Default”)




# ShowContextMenus. TRUE=Show context menu when items are right clicked. FALSE=Don’t show a context menu


# SingleClick. TRUE=Launch item with a single mouse click. FALSE=Launch item(s) with a doubvle-click


# AllowItemDelete. TRUE=Allow items to be deleted by pressing the [DEL] key. FALSE=Do not allow deletion


# RemoveDeadShortcuts. TRUE=Delete shortcuts when the LNK target doesn’t exist. FALSE=Show ALL shortcuts




# Tabs should be supplied as: Tab title, Tab description, Tab type (Treeview with 2 panes or Folderview with single pane), Full Directory Path.

&Programs,Programs and tools available for use on our network,Folderview,\\CURRICULUM-DC01\Desktop

&My Documents,All of your own documents,Treeview,D:\_Offsite Backup Folder\My Documents

&Favourites,Commonly used Internet favourites,Folderview,\\CURRICULUM-DC01\Desktop\Favourites


It is still a work in progress but  progress is being made! 🙂