If you don't want to copy everything in each source user folder, you can exclude folders, files and types of files from the copy process.

A sample user 'home' folder from the source path you selected earlier is displayed (1). If you want to choose a different folder, simply amend the path or press the folder button to display a Browse for Folder dialog and navigate to it. You should notice that the file view (3) is updated to reflect the change to the folder.

By default, content will be copied from the root of each source user 'home' folder. If your old users have content stored in a sub-folder of here (such as My Documents, MyWork, MyDocs, etc.), it can be specified here (2). Once set, only content from this sub-folder will be copied. If the "Move orphan files from the root of your source folder into the destination (+suffix) folder." option is enabled on the Settings tab, content in the root of each source user 'home' folder are moved into destination user 'home' folder.

To exclude folders, simply drag them from the source folder list view (3) to the exclusions list (4). To exclude files, either drag them to the exclusions list, double-click on the file or manually enter the file name(s) in the exclusion list. File name wild cards are acceptable.

To delete an exclusion, select it from the exclusions list and press the Delete key.

Tip: To navigate folders, simply double-click them to open. Press the backspace key to return to the parent folder.