Product Description

With the high profile the Government has given information and communication technology (ICT), it is no surprise that the Educational IT market has been flooded with curriculum software.

Geographical skills as a theme area is well represented but often the software available tends to be limited in geographical content, fails to help pupils understand geographical skills or does not allow for a high degree of pupil interaction. Existing software often fails to address the needs of pupils across the whole ability range and is generally designed for single (stand-alone) computers.

Olympian Education would like to introduce you to the ‘GeoSkills!’ suite of computer programs – a unique geographical skills package. The programs have been designed to be used across a network using Microsoft Windows®, which enables a whole-class approach to the teaching of geographical skills and I.T. at key stages 3 and 4, but can also be used on an individual basis particularly for G.C.S.E revision. Available now, it features SIX of the most commonly taught topics;

Why Choose GeoSkills!?

  • Each topic is clearly introduced, explained and tested throughout the specific module. Pupils therefore understand and learn the topic covered as they progress through each of the core exercises.
  • Each module is high in geographical content.
  • The software offers a high degree of pupil interaction.
  • Each module has a clear AIM and SUMMARY, along with KEY QUESTIONS. This can only benefit pupils and make teaching easier.
  • High quality graphics and fun exercises make learning enjoyable.
  • The use of language and readability level make the package suitable across the whole ability range, including S.E.N. pupils.
  • A definition of all geographical terms is provided by way of a printable glossary.
  • DIFFERENTIATION is achieved by the exercises in every module, each one having an ‘incline of difficulty’.
  • Pupils cannot progress any further into the module until they have successfully completed the exercise on which they are working. This allows pupils to work at their own pace with ease of manageability for the teacher.
  • A set of differentiated worksheets is included for each module. These can be used as extension material for the lesson or as a suitable homework.



Microsoft™ Windows® 3.x, 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32-bit versions only)


“We are great fans of ‘GeoSkills!’, very useful at every level, well done!” .. Le Rocquier School, St Clements, Jersey.

“Excellent Material” .. Brian Carvell (Publishing Director). Stanley Thornes (Publishers) Ltd.

“It is hard to find such well thought out, structured and educational programs. The most commonly requested software in our department.” .. Greenacre School, Chatham, Kent.


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