Due to the way the RM Community Connect 4 Management Console identifies system and application packages, it has become unnecessarilly cumbersome to locate specific packages by their 'proper' names.

The 'RM CC4 "RepoMan" GUID Viewer' is a standalone tool which can be ran on an RM server or workstation. It will list all packages within the "RepoMan" folder of the server complete with the matching GUID of the package. This makes it considerably easier to identify such packages.

To use it, simply launch the executable and press the "Search" button. Pressing a "Go!" button will navigate to and show the contents of the package in Windows Explorer.

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows XP, Vista (Untested), 7, 8, Server 2003, 2008, 2012
Microsoft DotNet Framework 2

Important Update!

I have been advised by a member of the RM CC4 development team, that browsing to the RepoMan folder in this way has been known to cause deployment issues of the packages therein. Here is their advice..

"A ‘digest’ is taken of these files when they are imported to CC4; essentially a hash of all the files contained in the GUID based folder. CC4 then persists this ‘digest’ and checks it whenever the package is assigned. If the files no longer match the ‘digest’ the installation will fail; CC4 assumes malicious tampering.

We have seen cases where simply browsing to these GUID folders causes Windows to create a Thumbs.db file (for thumbnail images), which will then break the digest."

From my understanding, the only way to browse individual package folders is by using the export facility within the RMMC. Use this at your own risk!


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  • 7th April 2015 at 12:38 pm

    You’ve made something beautiful out of something far from it!
    Best wishes for 2015 & beyond.

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