“Quickly migrate user ‘home’ folders from one Windows® server to another even if your users have different user names!”

1. Navigate to your 'source' user 'home' folders.

2. Navigate to the location of your new (or 'destination') users.

Product Description

When implementing a new or replacement server, there is often the unenviable task of transferring (or migrating) the users ‘home’ folder content (i.e. their documents and work) from your old server to the new one. Although migrating a few users isn’t usually a problem and can be done manually, it becomes arduous if your naming convention between servers has changed (i.e. user “99smithj” is now “john.smith99″).

The Home Folder Migration Toolkit (HFMT) can assist with this as it can create and populate a command-line batch file which can be executed to seamlessly complete this task for you.

You simply need to:

  • Set some basic properties, such as the location of your source and destination folders.
  • Associate (or ‘match’) your folder names with one of the supplied automated methods.
  • Exclude any unwanted content.
  • Preview the results.
  • Create the output script in readiness for editing or execution.

This process is considerably more efficient than trying to complete it manually or writing bespoke scripts to undertake the task on a site-by-site basis.

Please click on the thumbnails for more details.

3. 'Match' your user names if they differ between servers!

4. Exclude unnecessary content you don't want to copy.

5. Preview before you create your script!

6. Your script is created; a Batch File or CSV!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does HFMT copy the user folders across?
A. No. HFMT creates a standard Windows 'batch' (or a CSV) file which can be modified and/or checked for errors prior to it being executed.

Q. Does HFMT cope with long filenames (255 characters+)?
A. HFMT doesn't copy the content. It creates a script which references the Microsoft Robocopy command-line tool which has been supplied with Windows since Vista was released back in 2007. Robocopy can work with very long filenames. Please see here for more information: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/cc733145.aspx

Q. What's the point of using HFMT if the naming convention hasn't changed? Can't I just copy the home folders from the old to the new server?
A. Yes. You can just drag and drop your user 'home' folders from one server to another using Windows Explorer. However, HFMT scripts can copy long filenames and allows you to exclude content so you can tidy-up the folders prior to them being copied. For instance, your folders may have an old "My Settings" folder which is no longer required or you can exclude files of a certain type such as *.tmp and *.bak or all image files.

Q. What does HFMT do about user profiles?
A. User profiles are commonly stored in a different location to their 'home' folders. HFMT does not copy them unless they happen to be located in a sub-folder of the user 'home' folder - not recommended!

Q. What about NTFS permissions (ACLs)?
A. On a new server installation, your user folders should be set-up to inherit the ACL's of their parent folder or such like. If you have a requirement where your users need bespoke permissions, tools such as cacls and xcacls may be able to assist or you could use the 'Reset NTFS User Folder Permissions' script available here.. If enough interest is shown, it may be considered for a future revision.

Q. Is HFMT really free?
A. Yes. This initial release is free but will expire in January 2016. It is reliant on donations which enable me to maintain the various subscriptions that I need to develop and make this (and other) software better. If downloads are high and donations are low, I will have no choice other than to make it a licensed product with a more commercial pricing model. All users making sensible donations (£10?) will receive a personalized licensed version. Please support it now!

Demonstration Video

Please click here for a demonstration video.


HFMT is a standalone application requiring just the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 and has no installation footprint so will run from a hard disk, thumb drive, etc. It is designed to run on Windows Server.


Windows may block the application from running due to the "This came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer" component. Please remember to 'unblock' it first.

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